Lights, Lights, Lights..

The launch of the New Insignia found us back in the studio, which was ideal as it was freezing outside ! On one of the days we had a visitor who looked at our set and said 'I bet most people dont know what goes into getting just one shot, I bet they think you just point the camera at it and click the button". Do you know what ?! She was right, most people dont know how much goes into getting that shot right so, here it is an idea of what it takes to get a car dash element for brochures and ads, its lights, lights, lights, and this is us just setting up !!!

Make hay when the snow falls.

Whats the best way to beat the January blues.. Get out there and lie around in the snow of a bit, loved it!

Leon Pearce
Warehouse editorial.

Some recent warehouse editorial work.. 

Leon Pearce

Some recent reportage work for Wickes.

Leon Pearce
Vauxhall Special Vehicles

I shot a range of emergency vehicles recently for Vauxhall Special vehicles. it was a great job shots looked great but for some reason I had this song bugging me for two days .... TWOOOO DAAAAAAYS !!

What the duck ! ...

On a location job recently we were lucky enough to be joined by a duck of all things. It stayed with us all day!  I dont think it was the Pringles that we kept feeding him that kept him with us all day but, more of his interest in car photography. For those of you who were unsure, ducks love Pringles, a lot !!!

Leon Pearce
Reebok behind the scenes

Shots from a recent shoot for Reebok.

Leon Pearce

To all aspiring photographers. Rule number one ... If you are going on a job in a factory environment always bring your own boots. 

Clients were fresh from the box which was a result, mine on the other hand...

Whats are thoooosssseeee ?????

Leon Pearce
BTS Bosch Ad job

Every know and then someone whether its an assistant or client will send me behind the scenes shots of jobs that I'm shooting on.

Everyone has a best side that looks best in photographs right ?!

We'll I'm starting to get a little paranoid that my best side seems to be the back of my head ! I'm just sayin' .

Leon Pearce
Things I'd have missed..

Some of the things I could have missed while on location.

Leon Pearce
Photographer slash boxing coach !

After showing ( loosely speaking ) a few of my boxing tips to the model on a recent job he went on to become Queensbury Middleweight Champion !! BOOM !!

Luckily he didn't pay too much attention to my last tip... the looking good while knocked out one!

Leon Pearce